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My illogic is superior. - Music of Final Fantasy

About My illogic is superior.

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I have joined your community.

I have always liked Final Fantasy. As well as other square/soft/enix games (In addition, other RPGs like Paper Mario and Ogre Battle).

My sources for music are apparently very few, and before I merely had the songs memorized in my head, but I managed to find good music.

It should be noted that my appearances will be random and perhaps few.
It is a busy time of the year, among other complications.

I have (and memorized the music of) Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, and X-2. The only ones I haven't beaten are IV and X-2. I also have a small variety of other square games: like Chrono Trigger/Cross, Secret of Evermore, Kingdom Hearts/Chains of Memories, and Unlimited Saga.
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Current Music: The Extreme (FF8)
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